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2022 QLD Smoke Alarm Legislation Change

According to Macquarie University, more Australians die in residential fires than natural hazards. It is estimated that over 50% of Australians die every year due to house fires.

That’s why new smoke alarm legislation in Queensland has been implemented since January 1, 2017, requiring homeowners to install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms throughout their residential property.

The new legislation says that any existing smoke alarms manufactured over ten years ago require an immediate replacement.

Those with hardwired smoke alarms must be replaced with a photoelectric smoke alarm as well.

A penalty will apply to those who fail to comply.

When searching for electricians Brisbane, there is no need to look further than Smoke Electricians. Our smoke alarms and installations are compliant with the existing policies and regulations in Queensland.

We pride ourselves on a team of experienced and certified professionals that can get the job done right the first time while taking the client’s safety and peace of mind to another level.

Electrical Services

The Importance of New Smoke Alarms  

The risk of dying in a house fire is reduced by half with smoke alarms, and even more with interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. However, the alarm must work properly, be correctly installed, and be maintained. Smoke Alarm Electricians Brisbane offer specialist services in smoke alarm installation, testing and maintenance. They also provide hardwired interconnected upgrades that will ensure your home is as safe as possible in the event of a house fire.



Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Don’t worry about your Queensland smoke alarm installation for the next 10 years. The new smoke alarms must be fitted with a photoelectric 10 year lithium battery as per the smoke alarm legislation set by the Queensland Government. Smoke alarms installed before the new legislations must be compliant in rentals, new builds and renovations. These interconnected smoke alarms will all sound if one senses fire. At least one smoke alarm in every bedroom is required, as well as both ends of the hallway, and outside the bedrooms.


10 Year Battery

Having a 10 year battery gives you the confidence and peace of mind that your smoke alarms are going to work when you need them most. 

Say bye to such a trouble and concern with brand new legislation compliant smoke alarms. These sturdy built lithium batteries last for 10 years.



In the leadup to the new changes to smoke alarm laws, every household must have interconnected alarms.

This change has been shown in studies as greatly increasing people’s chances for surviving a house fire since all alarms will sound if one senses danger and it cannot be silenced by simply opening windows or doors.


Impact-Resistance and Durability

Not everyone has enough cash on hand to buy a new fire detecting device these days – aside from having some kind of battery power, what else should one consider when choosing between alarm systems?

Some may not know this yet but there is also another type: The Photoelectric Smoke Alarm which boasts both durability (thanks to its sturdy construction) and efficiency (due largely in part because it consumes less electricity).

Our Work

Why Should You Trust Your Smoke Alarm Installation with Sought-After Electricians Brisbane? 

Perhaps, you have done some research on the best electricians Brisbane. There’s a myriad of electrical contractors, right? 

Leave the installation project to Smoke Electricians. Here are what makes us stand out from the rest:

Modern Fixture

We provide a vast collection of smoke alarms to choose from. Each is not only of the highest quality but also compliant to Australian standard (AS) 3786-2014. They are interconnected, available with a long-lasting battery, and can withstand the test of time.

Hassle Free Installation 

 Our electricians are there to help you with your smoke alarm installation. We will work around the clock and get it done on-time so that we can avoid any interruptions in your day!

Our team of experts is ready to install a new or replacement solution for all of our customers who need quality service, fast response times, and custom solutions tailored just for them.

Skilled Electricians

As a leading provider of smoke alarm installation, we make it our number one priority to exceed expectations. We take great care in staying up-to-date on the market’s changing needs and objectives by undergoing extensive training.

We have always been committed to meeting high standards for quality workmanship from day one with no exceptions; that is why hiring an electrician who was not properly trained could put you at risk if something happens during their visit—hiring an unqualified professional can be costly because there are so many regulations involved when installing fire alarms!

At Smoke Alarm Electrician Brisbane we pride ourselves in providing diligent service technicians who will meet or surpass your expectations every time they come into contact with any type of residential property

Competitively Priced

 It is tempting to try smoke alarm installation available at the cheapest rate. Everything seems good after the project. But the quality decreases and changes after some time, resulting in unnecessary expenses.

Here at Smoke Electricians, we are dedicated to delivering individualised installation available at a price that won’t break your bank.

Seamless Procedure  

We have a straightforward and transparent approach to getting your smoke alarms installed. You won’t be waiting around for weeks at home or on the phone with customer service, only to get no response from us whatsoever!  



Alex came around, quoted me on the spot and installed straight away. I was very impressed by his knowledge, he really knows what he is talking. He took the time to explain how it works. I will be calling him again for any future electricial needs.

Paul Jeferson

I first used Alex when I had issues with my NBN connection. After 6 months of dealing with Optus and the NBN he came and fixed it within 3 hours. Later that week our NBN was connected. Since then I have had him install smoke alarms in my investment property and he did a superb job.

Mark Cane

Smoke Alarm Electrician Brisbane