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If you need to get the power back in your house, call Electricians Brisbane. The best Brisbane electricians around, we do small jobs too like outlets and switches, installing new panel upgrades or smoke detectors. With a team of well-trained, detail oriented electricians who specialise in new construction and remodeling projects such as installing LED lighting at their customers’ places of business, we can help you with any type of electrical work, contact the best electrician Brisbane today.

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Smoke Alarm Installation

A DIY smoke alarm installation is possible, especially when homeowners have prior experience and tools.

But nothing can beat relying on qualified electrician. From in-depth expertise, competitive rates to quick smoke alarm installation, we have everything clients look for and deserve. There are many reason to require the help of some of the best electricians in Brisbane.

Since January 1, 2017, every residence in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the rest of Queensland must have photoelectric smoke alarms to reduce the growing cases of house fires in the country.

Incompliance can result in serious penalties. If you still have ionization detectors, we offer photoelectric smoke alarm installation for you.

We install interconnected smoke alarms in your property while staying compliant with the AS 3786-2014.


Brisbane Electrical Audits

Have you been paying higher utility bills than your monthly consumption?

If yes, our electrical audits can come into play.

As a trusted electrical contractor Brisbane, we will reduce the amount of power you use every day, helping you avoid a pile of unpaid utility bills.

We test every electrical appliance available on your property. Then, we measure and record the exact amount of energy consumed.

More than that, Smoke Electricians determine the appliances that are no longer energy-efficient because of age and even find alternatives that consume less energy.

Whether you are already paying high electric bills or have not performed a regular inspection, we are just a call away!


Surge Protection

Power surges can get our appliances damaged. They could melt these electronic devices’ metal and plastic parts, leading to unexpected repair and replacement.

Worry no more! Smoke Electricians specialise in surge protection in Brisbane to increase your safety and peace of mind.

Studies show that standard electrical outlets do not provide protection from power surges and spikes. That’s why we offer surge protector installation that comes at a cost-effective rate.

Serving the industry for years, we consider our clients’ objectives and never take any shortcuts. We complete any surge protection project fast without compromising quality.


Air Conditioning Installation

Research found that Australians spend around $3.7 billion on aircon from December to February.

What’s surprising is that over 1.9 million Australians leave their aircon running even when they are not at home, causing higher electric bills.

Over time, the quality of air conditioning appliances declines. Perhaps, the air filter accumulates dirt, or the aircon is poorly installed.

Whatever the case may be, Smoke Electricians may help. Our electrical contractors have experienced air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement throughout the years.

So, do you need a quality smoke alarm or surge protection? Do not look further than Smoke Electricians! Give us a call for further details!


Electrical Service

Research has shown that electrical issues are the top cause of house fires in Australia. Faulty electrical appliances cause around 40% of residential fires in New South Wales alone.

We perform the electrical repair right away, whether there are repeated blown fuses, buzzing noises, loose power outlets, burning odor, or sparks.

We bring every necessary electrical tools and equipment to finish the project on the same day. We know the inconvenience of faulty electrical appliances. That’s why we’re dedicated to completing the job according to your schedules.

Electricians in Brisbane

Smoke Electricians are Brisbane’s most reliable electrical contractor in Brisbane city and servicing the Gold Coast. Our residential electrician Brisbane services offer you a guaranteed quality inspection that will ensure your satisfaction with their work, no matter what needs to be fixed or done for the electrical system. Smoke is operating in Queensland and has been operating for many years providing residential electrical services throughout Brisbane, QLD!

Of all the electricity companies in Brisbane QLD, Smoke Electricians, electrical contractor, have proven themselves as not just trustworthy but effective at finding any issues within your home wiring systems which could potentially lead to fires if left unchecked. In addition they’re able to handle everything from small re-wiring jobs right up through custom installations – whatever it takes so long as you know where the power goes when something breaks down!

Our master electricians offer a professional service providing quality electrical work so you can have a peace of mind that your electrical work is in good hands, and we are a cheap electrician Brisbane.

You will also find us assisting with other types of Brisbane electrician work such as appliance repairs, drain solutions gas, solutions gas fitters, electrician air conditioning, carpenter drain solutions, conditioning appliance repairs, fan repair and installation, lighting installation (inside and outside) and more. To book in any of the jobs we offer or for a free quote, contact us  Brisbane Electricians today.



The best electrician I have ever met! Alex, the electrician arrived on time and was very helpful. He immediately rectified the problem and I was back up and running in no matter how fast it took. The pricing was very reasonable, upfront and without hidden fees. Alex will be my electrician, if you are looking for an electrician brisbane southside, look no further..

Patrick Cook

Alex came to my home to repair some of my broken light fittings. He also fixed x6 ceiling fans and x4 smoke alarms. He was outstanding and extremely understanding. He was patient and thorough. His professionalism ensured that the work was completed to a high standard. I will definitely be using his services again.

Jenny Simpson

The electrician quickly responded to our power outage late at night and was able to restore the system. He arrived on time and communication was seamless. The problem was then identified and he quickly resolved it. The circuit breaker’s loose screw was causing the problem. It needed to be replaced. Highly recommended!

Tyler Marscall


Frequent Questions


What are the changes to the Queensland Smoke Alarm Laws

The new legislation specifies that all Queensland dwellings will be required to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling and on every level.” – Source


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All of our electricians are fully qualified and experienced in the field. They have a great reputation, as well, so you can trust them to do a good job for your home or business.


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You don’t need to worry about getting charged a fee for calling us. You can get free advice from our team of experts today. You can get a free quote from our team today by calling 0480 218 202.


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We’re based in North West Brisbane. We service the whole of Brisbane, as well as Ipswich and surrounding areas.

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